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Zurich Chamber Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-06-23
Country: Switzerland Switzerland
City: Zurich
Address: Zuercher Kammerorchester, Seefeldstrasse 305, Postfach 1284
Telephone: +41 1 388 36 00
Fax: +41 1 388 36 10
Contact language(s): german, english

The Zurich Chamber Orchestra was founded in the nineteen-forties by Edmond de Stoutz, and rapidly gained international recognition as an elite ensemble. In 1996 Howard Griffiths took over as artistic director. Under him the orchestra has attained new heights as a well-established professional body.

In addition to its core ensemble of 23 players in the strings, the orchestra can also call upon 20 other members. It is thanks to this flexible concept, which also ensures ongoing stability in each section, that the Zurich Chamber Orchestra masters such a widely varied repertoire.
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