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Ukrainian Academic State Symphony Concert Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-04-20
Original orchestra name: Академический эстрадно-симфонический оркестр Украины
Country: Ukraine Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Address: Saksaganskogo, 38
Telephone: +380971040304
Contact person: Illya Konovalov
Contact language(s): English, German, Ukrainian, Russian
Contact e-mail:

Ukrainian Academic State Symphony Concert Orchestra earlier known as Ukrainian State Symphony Concert Orchestra is unique phenomenon of cultural life in young independent Ukraine. Founded in 1979 by a group of talented musicians for a short period of time it has managed to gain a considerable popularity not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Success was gainde thanks to skillfull play of the musicians of the orchestra and thanks to a wide range of it's repertoire which includes almost everything ranging from classical works to jazz compositions, from symphonies to popular songs. The musicians perform inspiringly the complex symphonic works of Bethoven and Shostakovich, Chaikovsky and Dvorzhak, Glinka and Rakhmaninov, Prokofiyev and Mahler, Gershvin and Brookner, Lyatoshynskyy and Bortnyanskyy, Strauss and Elgar. At the same time the first performing of many pieces of contemporary, classic and variety music of big and small forms belongs namely to this orchestra. The staff cooperates successfully with the leading modern composers and talented youth.

Among the neighbouring musical groups the orchestra excels first of all with it's uniqueness, with "the widest style range of performing music." ("Dosye dosuga" #5, 02.02.1996). The director of the Ukrainian State Symphony Concert Orchestra is the merited workman of culture Yuriy Fedorenko.

In the list of the orchestra is the cooperation with such conductors as prominent Domenico Bartolucci (Vatican), Carlo Fraeze (Italy), Paolo Arka(Italy), Marco Betta (Italy), Pierre-Dominique Ponnel (Germany), Danniel G. Tidtke (Germany), Elio Boncompagni (Austria), ArmandoKrieger (Argentine), S. Todorovych (Switzerland), Lukas (Switzerland), Alfredo Rugeles (Venesuela), Dwight Bennett (Canada).

The deserved success were the frequent performances of the orchestra with the soloists: Giuseppe Laticata (piano, Italy), Borys Petrushanskyy (piano), Leon Beyts (piano, USA), Fabiana Byazini (piano, Italy), Joyce Devis (trumpet, USA), Ru-Bin-Shen (piano, USA), Elisoa Eldridge(cello, USA), Katya Richarelli (soprano, Italy), Carmen Sensaud (soprano, Argentine). It goes without saying that there were performances with the homeland vocalists such as - Yevgeniya Miroshnychenko, Dmytro Gnatyuk, Lidia Zabilyasta, Dmytro Khvorostovskyy, Olena Obraztsova.

Ukrainian State Symphony Concert Orchestra goes on the tour every year. So only for the 1995 year the orchestra has won applause of the Dutch listeners where it peformed in the world-known Het Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, in Switzerland - in the Congress Hall with Zurich's Academy choir, in Germany - where it took part in the International Festival of cinema music, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of cinematography, in Italy - participating in the annual international music festival
"Rome-95". In May 1996 in northern Spain (Bilbao) in Arriga theatre there was conducted international festival of opera music where the orchestra represented "Falstaff" by Verdi under the leadership of prominent maestro Elio Boncompagni. In August and September of the same year the citizens of a dozen of north-west Italian towns and participants of the festival "Rome-96" were pleased to listen to the orchestra from Ukraine. In 1997 the orchestra performed in Germany and Holland participating in festival "Rome-97" which became traditional for it. In 1998 the orchestra conducted a number of concerts with participation of foreign soloists(for example, Joyce Devis-trumpet, USA). The orchestra performed for many times on the concert grounds of Ukraine taking part in the national competitions (named after S. Turchak" First nights of season"). State Symphony Concert Orchestra of Ukraine is now one of the most famous ukrainian orchestras. It's maestro Victor Zdorenko who is at the conducting stand.

Our orchestra is open to different forms of cooperation.
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