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Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-05-08
Country: Russian Federation Russian Federation
City: Moscow
Address: office 105, Malaya Nikitskaya 24
Telephone: +7 (495) 620-0183, 620-0024
Fax: +7 (495) 291-8243
Contact language(s): russian, english
Contact e-mail:

Internationally recognised as one of Russia’s most prestigious and versatile orchestras, the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1930. Until the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the orchestra was the official orchestra of the Soviet radio network.

Alexander Orlov became the orchestra’s first director in 1930 and is credited with developing a diverse and voluminous repertoire. From 1937 to the present, a series of outstanding directors have contributed to the orchestra’s distinctive artistic style and personality: Nikolay Glovanov from 1937—1953, Alexander Gauk from 1953—1961, and Gennady Rozhdestvensky from 1961—1974. In 1974, Vladimir Fedoseyev assumed leadership, and turned the orchestra into one of Russia’s most widely acclaimed ensembles.

In 1993 the orchestra was renamed by decree of the Russian Ministry of Culture and became the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio(formerly Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra). Awarding the orchestra the name of this great Russian composer was a recognition of the orchestra’s role in promoting all symphonic repertoire written by Tchaikovsky — from chamber compositions to operas and cantatas.
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