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Spanish National Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-05-04
Original orchestra name: Orquesta Nacional de España
Country: Spain Spain
City: Madrid
Address: Nacional de Musica, Principe de Vergara, 146
Telephone: 91 337 01 40
Fax: 91 563 29 07
Contact language(s): spanish, english

Although the orchestra was initially set up by the Republican Government in 1938, the Orquesta Nacional de Espana was only created officially in 1942. Pedro de Freitas Branco conducted its first concert at the Maria Guerrero Theatre in Madrid on 31 March of that year.

Today its principal conductor is Josep Pons, who follows on from a succession of great names - Bartolome Perez Casas, Ataulfo Argenta, Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Antoni Ros-Marba, Jesus Lopez Cobos and Aldo Ceccato. Since 1998, Rafael Fruehbeck de Burgos has been the orchestra's emeritus conductor.
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