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RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra

Registration date: 2007-03-10
Country: Slovenia Slovenia
City: Ljubljana
Address: Music Productions RTV Slovenia, Kolodvorska 2, SI - 1550 Ljubljana
Telephone: + 386 1 475 24 69
Fax: + 386 1 475 24 71
Contact person: Irena Kavčič
Contact language(s): slovenian, english
Contact e-mail:

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1955. The orchestra was led by the conductors Uro?? Prevor??ek (1955-1966), Samo Hubad (1966-1980), Stanislav Macura (1980-1981), Anton Nanut (1981-1998) and Lior Shambadal (2000-2003). The orchestra soon achieved a considerable success by touring extensively throughout Slovenia and abroad; in the years between 1984 and 1985 it performed to great critical acclaim in the USA. The main activity of the orchestra is concert recording. It performs a vast and diverse repertoire, ranging from baroque to modern symphonic music, from operatic music to oratorios and cantatas, from incidental music to film soundtracks, always giving a special emphasis to the creativity of Slovenian composers. The orchestra has been awarded many prizes for the best performances of new Slovenian compositions. The majority of its recordings can be heard regularly at all radio and TV programmes in Slovenia, while its domestic and foreign discography is quite extensive (more than 150 CDs). The orchestra regularly tours throughout Europe. In September 2003 David de Villiers became the chief conductor, while the excellent Chinese conductor En Shao will be conducting the orchestra from 2006 to 2009.
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