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Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-04-26
Country: Japan Japan
City: Osaka
Telephone: 06-6656-4890
Contact language(s): japanese, english
Contact e-mail:

Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra was founded by ASAHINA Takashi as ’Kansai Symphony Orchestra’ in 1947. In 1950 it has become an incorporated body and in 1960 its name has changed to the current one.

ASAHINA Takashi had conducted Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra for 55 years since its establishment until 2001, and it had been recognized as a unique and fascinating orchestra.

In April 2003, OUE Eiji was inaugurated as a music director. The orchestra has also contracted with various famous conductors such as TOYAMA Shinji, TOYAMA Yuzo, WAKASUGI Hiroshi, AKIYAMA Kazuyoshi, TEZUKA Yukinori, and OTOMO Naoto.

The subscription concert series is held at The Symphony Hall 10 times a year, twice each. The orchestra is also contributing to the culture promotions not only in Osaka but in various areas in Japan, and the concert tours to Europe, Canada, United States of America, Korea, and Taiwan have been held several times, gaining high reputation at each country. Recordings have been done quite actively and this orchestra has released the most records and CDs in Japan.
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