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Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-05-08
Country: Norway Norway
City: Oslo
Address: NRK Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Culture Department, RC 21
Telephone: 23 04 90 36
Fax: 23 04 86 24
Contact person: John Fullman, acting orchestral director
Contact language(s): norwegian, english
Contact e-mail:

Founded in 1946, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra is today regarded with a unique combination of respect and affection by its public. A symphony boasting 53 musicians, its repertoire is exceptionally wide, ranging from classical and baroque to contemporary, jazz, pop and rock.

The Norwegian Radio Orchestras history is also the history of norwegian broadcasting and therefore represents our own cultural history. During the tenure of its first Principal Conductor, the legendary Oivind Bergh, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra won great popularity in Norway for its programming of entertainment music and light classics. Since that time the orchestra has steadily expanded its repertoire and its international reputation.
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