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New Europe Symphony Orchestra

Registration date: 2009-07-08
Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
City: Sofia 1309
Address: 68 Vrania str., app. 18
Telephone: +35929311800
Fax: +35929311800
Contact person: Ognyan Draganoff
Contact language(s): Italian, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian
Contact e-mail:

The orchestra comprises exclusively of principal players from the top professional orchestras and opera companies in central and eastern Europe and is based in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

The international aspect gives its playing a unique character. The orchestra is a project - organization, established to embrace orchestra's accessibility, encouraging musicians to network with fellow colleagues and share their knowledge of performing arts.
The orchestra offers affordable opportunities for conductors, instrumentalists and singers to work with professional orchestra and/or opera theatre in rehearsing, recording and concert activities.
Orchestra management organizes professional advancements courses for musicians and competitions. Some of them are:
orchestral conducting opportunities;
opera conducting engagements;
concerts/opera engagements for vocal artists and instrumental soloists;

"Play Orchestra" unique service which allows any instrumentalist to play in our orchestra. Orchestra management arranges and oversees all transportation, accommodation and logistical details. High-definition, professional Video and audio recording and press reviews are optional.

We have relationships with orchestras in the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Please contact us at: for more details and prices.
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