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Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-12-15
Original orchestra name: Filarmonica-de-Medellin
Country: Colombia Colombia
City: Medelli­n
Address: Calle 41 No. 57-30 Teatro Metropolitano 4 piso / Medellín
Telephone: (57) 4 2625500
Fax: (57) 4 3817999
Contact language(s): spanish, english

The Medelli­n Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the four existing orchestras in our country and the only one with professional status in our city. Founded twenty one years ago, it was declared a Cultural Patrimony both by the Council of Medellin (Acuerdo 40 of 2002) and by the City's Administration (Resolucion 115 of 1984). The Orchestra plays a decisive role in the promotion of music and in the enhancement of the cultural life of the city.

As a fundamental part of its Mission, the Orchestra has assessed that more than just a mere instrumental group, it constitutes a Cultural Entity whose mission is closely related to the creation, development and strengthening of new strategies of peaceful co-existence, through the use of the highest forms of expression of the human spirit as a means of communication. Symphonic and symphonic-choral music, as activities that are produced and enjoyed in common with others, contribute to build a peaceful environment in a city that is engaged in recovering social equilibrium after many years of social conflict. One of the objectives of the Orchestra is to contribute positively to modify cultural expressions derived from the conflict which still have a great impact on the community. We therefore understand that our Institution makes a very concrete contribution to the achievement of a pacific co-existence in our city.
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