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Kapella of Grodno

Registration date: 2007-04-22
Original orchestra name: Гродненская капелла
Country: Belarus Belarus
City: Grodno
Address: Kapella of Grodno, Tizengaus square 4, apt. 20
Telephone: +(375)-0152-743210
Fax: +(375)-0152-730500
Contact language(s): belarusian, russian, english
Contact e-mail:

The chamber orchestra of "Kapella of Grodno" has been created in October, 1990. From the first concerts it has drawn to itself attention of people. All subsequent performances passed with constant success. The basis of an orchestra is made by string group (20 actors), executors are invited to the certain programs.

In repertoir of an orchestra more than 250 compositions of composers of different epoch, schools and stylistic directions (Bah, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelson, Britten, Chajkovski, Shostakovich, Shnitke, Piart, etc.), some from them sounded in Belarus for the first time. Performing creativity of an orchestra is marked by participation in various international festivals (?«the European musical meetings?», Germany, ?«Christian music?», Norway, ?«Autumn tuning-fork?», Poland, ?«Music of Bah and Vivaldi?», ?«Music of Bah and Viennese classics?». Russia, etc.). Performances of collective pass not only across Belarus, but also in Germany, France, Poland, etc.

Overall objective which puts before itself collective is cultural - educational activity. Therefore in each concert season the orchestra offers students a plenty of new programs (up to 10 in one year). In statements of an orchestra take part as known executors ( The art. Russia V.Kruglov, The art. Byelorussia I.Olovnikov, winners of the international competitions of A.Petrov, M.Belashuk, O.Brileva, etc.), and the young executors representing the best performing schools of Byelorussia, Russia, Poland and Germany.
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