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Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-06-05
Country: Sweden Sweden
City: Gothenburg
Address: Goeteborgs Konsert AB, Goetaplatsen, Goeteborg
Telephone: +46-(0)31-726 53 00
Fax: +46-(0)31-726 53 00
Contact language(s): swedish, english
Contact e-mail:

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (Swedish: Goeteborgs Symfoniker) is an orchestra based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded in 1905, it was granted the title of "Swedish National Orchestra" in 1997. GSO have made several tours during the last 10-15 years - they have performed in London, Vienna, Boston and Shanghai, to name a few places, and have been met with a great response from both critics and audiences.

GSO have a broad repertoire but are especially fond of the masterpieces of the Nordic Late Romantic composers, such as Jean Sibelius and Edvard Grieg. They have recorded, chiefly, nordic composers, but also Jaervi's specialty, Prokofiev.

The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra performs at the Gothenburg Concert Hall, built in 1935 and renowned for its superior acoustic quality.
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