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Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Registration date: 2007-05-19
Country: United States United States
City: Dallas
Address: 2301 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Telephone: 214-692-0203
Fax: 214-953-0948
Contact language(s): english
Contact e-mail:

The Dallas Symphony's mission statement is to entertain, inspire and change lives through musical excellence.

Our core values are:
> Uncompromising excellence
> Teamwork
> Ensure that every concert is an event
> A community of passionate music lovers making more music lovers
> Risk-taking and innovative
> Committed to fiscal responsibility
> Integrity

Since 1900, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has grown from a 40-person ensemble to a world-class orchestra performing in one of the world's finest concert halls.

The members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's musical community build upon a rich 107-year tradition of artistic excellence and masterful musicianship.
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