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Concert Ensemble "Vienna Flair"

Registration date: 2006-04-25
Original orchestra name: Wiener Flair
Country: Austria Austria
City: Vienna
Address: Konzertensemble Wiener Flair, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 148/2/6
Telephone: 0043/1/913 28 37
Fax: 0043/1/913 28 37
Contact language(s): german, english
Contact e-mail:

The Concert ensemble "VIENNA FLAIR" under the art direction of Mag. Doina Fischer (Vienna, Austria) is an especially adaptable band, which interpretes outstanding compositions of the Classical Viennese Salon Music originating from a deep feeling with a new glamour at a high level.

According to the demands of the auditory, the casting can be extended from the classic Violin-Pianforte duo up to an octett comprising in addition more violins, cello and wind instruments.
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