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CBC Radio Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-05-14
Country: Canada Canada
City: Vancouver
Address: Producer/ Manager, CBC Radio Orchestra, 700 Hamilton Street
Telephone: (604) 662-6028
Contact person: Denise Ball
Contact language(s): english

The orchestra was disbanded at the end of November 2008

Formed in 1938, the CBC Radio Orchestra is renowned as an ensemble of passion, versatility and innovation. As North America's last remaining broadcast ensemble, we are a legacy of the days when radio orchestras were to be found all over our continent, as they still are in Europe. Unique not only in our history, we are also set apart by our programming. With an audience made up of radio listeners, rural and urban, throughout the country, we present a rich, musical tapestry that engages, stimulates and challenges our diverse patrons.

In 1983, Mario Bernardi stepped onto the podium, and returned the Orchestra to its roots of performing more Canadian and contemporary music. Today, under his artful direction, the Orchestra reflects the musical spirit of Canada.
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