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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Registration date: 2006-05-08
Country: Norway Norway
City: Bergen
Address: Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester, E. GRiegsplass 1
Telephone: 55216100
Fax: 55318534
Contact language(s): norwegian, english
Contact e-mail:

Norway's Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 1765 under the name Det Musicalske Selskab (The Musical Society), and is one of the world's oldest orchestral institutions. It performs some 110 concerts a year, and is based at the 1,500-seat Grieg Hall in Bergen. It later changed its name to Musikselskabet Harmonien and it is often referred to as "Harmonien" (the Harmony) by Bergen's citizens.

The orchestra has had a long tradition of playing contemporary music. Ludwig Van Beethoven's second symphony was performed in Bergen in the year it was published, 1804 - even before it was performed in Berlin. Bergen-born composer Edvard Grieg had close ties with the orchestra, and was artistic director from 1880 to 1882. He also bequeathed a portion of his estate to a fund which continues to provide financial support for the orchestra.

Many members of the orchestra teach at the Grieg Academy of Music, which is a music conservatory within the University of Bergen.
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