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William Savola

 academic administration 
 academic administration 
William Savola
157 Lakewood Lane, Marquette, Michigan

United States United States flag


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(906) 249-1084


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Many of these performances were recorded live in concert. Non-salaried volunteer musicians rehearsed one evening each week following their daily obligations. "Community orchestras" in the United States prepare their concerts in this manner. A number of these programs have been uploaded from reel-to-reel, digitized and then uploaded to

William Savola is available to guest conduct. He's traveled extensively and has performed with orchestras on four continents. The following summarizes his professional responsibility to his fellow musicians and to his audience.

"Conduct the music." -
An unique performance evolves as the conductor indicates change in mood and tempo, delivers precise attacks and releases, adjusts balance and keeps the melody to the fore. The conductor who conducts "the music" influences by empathy the very breathing of a chorus and the orchestra's wind instrument section. String players learn to adjust their bowing technique and percussionists select appropriate mallets to reflect a conductor's well defined mood and spirit. Conductors should avoid lecturing. Instead, they should "conduct the music." Attentive musicians follow by empathy. The audience does as well. They equate meaningful gesture to a great performance and a memorable event.

A conductor who finds his ensemble unresponsive might consider inviting someone to video tape his rehearsal technique from a position behind the group. Review the session privately with and without sound. Ask: Is the conductor conducting "the music" or is he simply beating time or perhaps entertaining the audience?

Note the baton displayed on YouTube descriptions. William Savola displays "the baton" as a symbol of respect for Arturo Toscanini and of William's professional relationship with Concertmaster, Mischa Mischakoff in Detroit. "The baton" was presented to Conductor Savola by Mischakoff following their final performance together (Sibelius Second Symphony) and the official end of their professional relationship. Conductor Savola has not deemed himself worthy to use "the baton" last held in the hand of Maestro Arturo Toscanini.

Thanks for your attention.

William Savola is the owner of property famous for its geology, specifically of its display of "stromatolites:" (Copy the following URLs and paste them into your address bar. Click on the photos to enlarge and to read the descriptions.)

William travels every year to Indonesia where he supports the education and welfare of several (some through university). He began this project in 1993.

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