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Daryl Sprake

Daryl Sprake
kios 12 pantai kukup yogjakarta java indonesia

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l am an Australian composer living in indonesia my aim is to revitilize classical and instrumental music The reason l like to compose in a classical style is not because l beleive it is better than other styles, but because l beleive of all the major styles of music it is the least developed,and therefore has the most potential . For the whole history of classical music there has been some institution in control ,first the church then the aristocracy then the upper classes then the universities and conservatories and orchestras, as a result classical music has become like a bonsi tree,stunted and unable to grow.Other major styles of music have already peaked and now are in a period of decline , but now as we enter the digital age classical music can free its self from the deadening influence of institutions and reach its true potential.l beleive that if classial music can overcome the snobbry and over intelectualism of the past it can reach new levels of expression Towards this end l'm trying to revitalise classical music in two ways, firstly by emphazing melody and strong emotion and secondly developing a new aesthetic based on the best eliments from all the viriouis kinds of music in the world. a full selection of my music can be listened to or downloaded for free at my website one daryl sprake composer .com

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