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Boris Loncar

 artistic / production 
 academic administration 
Omladinskih radnih brigada

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina flag


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Boris Loncar, born 1980 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have finished the High music school "Isidor Bajic" in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro with professor Adam Gutvajn (1999).

I have finished the undergraduate studies of the main subject Violin on the Academy of Music – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2003) and I earned a title Bachelor of Music in Violin, two years after also in class of professor David Kamhi I earned a title Master of Music in Violin (2006).

During studies, I have participated in Federal competitions and won several first awards in the category "Violin" as well as in the category "Chamber Music".

I had concerts with several orchestras, like: Mostar Simfonietta Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Music Academy in Sarajevo, Chamber orchestra 2007, Camerata Academica..

I have performed on several recitals organized by the Academy of Music-Sarajevo, Concert Agency, and the Jewish Community of Sarajevo.

During studies, I try to achieve the high mastery of the instrument, enviable technical and musical qualities, and therefore to become a prestigious violinist-concert performer.

At the same time, I am working as pedagogue-teacher of Violin and Chamber Music at the High School of Music-Sarajevo where I can convey knowledge to the students. As a teacher I have participated in Albertville (France), Friedrichshafen (Germany) and Winnenden (Germany).

I become a member of many ensembles - duos, trios, quartets and the Chamber Orchestra of the Academy of Music-Sarajevo, WPO(World Peace Orchestra), YES(Young European Strings), YSOSEE(Youth Symphony Orchestra of South Eastern Europe),IYOA(Internatioal Young Orchestra Academy), Chamber orchestra 2007, Mostar symfonietta, Camerata Academica.

I have actively participated at the prestigious Seminars in the Central Europe like Semmering (Austria), Master Course of baroque music in Gmunden (Austria), Young European Strings Master Course in Bar (Montenegro), String Seminars in Stockholm (Sweden),Orchestra seminars in Pleystein,Bielefeld,Bayreuth(Germany) Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar (BiH) and Sarajevo (BiH).


Solo violin J.S.Bach: Sonata No.I
Partita No.II

Eugene Ysaye: Sonatas op.27
No.3 (Ballade)

N.Paganini: Capriccios
No. 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24

J.Rodrigo: Capriccio
Violin and piano

C.Debussy: Sonate in g-moll

J.Brahms: Sonate No.2 op.100 A-Dur

J.Brahms: Sonate No.3 op.108 d-moll

L.W.Beethoven: Sonate No.3 op.30 G-Dur

L.W.Beethoven: Romanze No.I G-Dur

P.Sarasate: Romanse Andalusia
Introduction and tarantella

H.Wieniawsky: Polonaise D-Dur,
Souvenir de Moscou

E.Bloch: Abodah,
Baal Shem
Simchas torah

M.Ravel: Tzigane

R.Schtschedrin: In style of Albeniz
Violin and orchestra

W.A.Mozart: Concerto in G-Dur
Concerto in A-Dur

J.Haydn: Concerto in C-Dur

J.S.Bach: Concerto in E-Dur
Concerto in a-moll
Concerto in d-moll

M.Bruch: Concerto in g-moll

H.Wieniawsky: Concerto in d-moll

L.V.Beethoven: Concerto in D-Dur

P.I Tchaikovsky:Concerto in D-Dur

J.Sibelius: Concerto in d-moll


With Mostar Simfonietta Orchestra

Sarajevo: February – 2004
Mostar: September – 2004
Pocitelj: September – 2004

Orchestra of Music Academy Sarajevo
Sarajevo: Jun - 2005

Camerata Academica

Brcko: Juny-2007
Bijeljina: Juny-2007
Banja Luka: Juny-2007
Zenica: Juny-2007
Mostar: July-2007
Trebinje: July-2007
Herceg Novi: July-2007
Sarajevo: July-2007

Chamber orchestra 2007

Sarajevo: September-2008
Sarajevo: July-2009


Violin and Piano
Sarajevo: July – 2001, Jun – 2002, July – 2003, November – 2003, October-2004,December – 2005, July – 2006

May – 2005

April - 2003


Sarajevo: May – 2004, Jun – 2005, May – 2006
Mostar: May – 2005
Albertville: July – 2004
Friedrichshafen: Jun – 2005

Sarajevo: November – 2003, September – 2004, May – 2005, July – 2005, August – 2005, September – 2005, Jun – 2006,February --2007
Mostar: May – 2005
Dubrovnik: January – 2005

String Quartet
Dubrovnik: February – 2002, February – 2003, February – 2004
Stockholm: August – 2001, Helsinki --2001, September – 2002, July – 2003
Friedrichshafen: Jun – 2002
Bar: July – 2002
Cetinje: July - 2002


Semmering, Austria Three times with the renowned professor Erich Gruenberg (UK)

Gmunden, Austria Master Course of baroque music

Bar, Montenegro Young European Strings Master Course with professor Stefan Camilarov (AT)

Stockholm, Sweden Three times on String Seminars

Dubrovnik, Croatia Three times with professor Therese Caudle (UK), professor Patyra Marusz (PL) and professor Anna Lindal (SWE)

Sarajevo, BIH With professor Monica Skalar (SLO) and professor Ruth Waterman (UK)

Mostar, BIH With professor Ruth Waterman (UK)

Pleystein,Germany With professor Henrik Hochschild (GER)


Dates (from – to) September, 1999 - Jun, 2006

Name and type of organization providing education and training

Postgraduate studies - Music Academy of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Undergraduate studies - Music Academy of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor of Music in Violin (2003)
Master of Music in Violin (2006)

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